El Gozo de Los Negocios (Joy of Business - Spanish Version)

El Gozo de Los Negocios (Joy of Business - Spanish Version)

By Simone Milasas

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¿Qué pasaría si los NEGOCIOS fueran algo GOZOSO y DIVERTIDO?

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¿Qué pasaría si los NEGOCIOS fueran algo GOZOSO y DIVERTIDO? ¿Y si fueran mucho más de lo que nunca percibiste que fuera posible? ¿Si crearas tu negocio desde la perspectiva del GOZO, que elegirías? ¿Qué cambiarías? ¿Qué elegirías si supieras que no puedes fallar? Los negocios son GOZO, son creación, son generadores. Los negocios pueden ser la aventura de VIVIR. La australiana Simone Milasas, es una líder de negocios, dinámica y muy diferente. Ella es la coordinadora mundial de Access Consciousness® (Acceso a la consciencia), (www.accessconsciousness.com), la fundadora de Good Vibes for You (Buenas vibras para ti), y la chispa creativa que encendió The Joy of Business (El gozo de los negocios), (www.accessjoyofbusiness.com).

Simone Milasas is a dynamic leader who travels the globe demonstrating how to do business from a place of joy. She has been at the forefront of cutting edge business creation and development for over a decade. She sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice. 

As Simone says, “I would like the world to know that they can make a difference by every choice they make, and, by the action that they choose, they can change anything.” 

Now, as the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness which operates in over 170 countries, Founder and Creator of Joy of Business, and the author of the internationally acclaimed book JOY OF BUSINESS (currently available in over 10 languages), and Getting Out of Debt Joyfully, (currently available in over 5 languages), she is living proof that when we choose to ask questions and stop judging, we invite joy, ease and abundance into all areas of our life.

You can see more about Simone and the Joy of Business at www.simonemilasas.com and www.accessjoyofbusiness.com