Magic & ESC

Getting Started

Welcome to an adventure in creating your own reality - one that works for you! The content below is just the beginning of what is available. What else may be possible?


Magic is all around us. It’s something we all generate as we create our lives as consciousness. It’s not about spells, rituals or tricks. Real magic is the ability to have the joy of living and the possibilities available to us all.

Asking for something and being able to receive it is magic. Being able to change something is magic. You, when you’re truly being you, create and BE magic.

The universe is an amazing, abundant place, waiting to gift to you. All you have to do is ask, and the asking of questions creates the magic of life. Seem too simple? Sometimes the simplest things can be the most profound. What if by asking a question, you can change anything?

What if now is the time to go beyond functioning from conclusion and limitation? Is now the time to ask questions and explore the magic of you as the infinite being you truly are?

Magic exists and you are it!

Magic! You ARE It. BE It.

Do you believe in magic?

You should, because you’ve been creating it since you were born!  So says Dr. Dain Heer, co-author of the book Magic. You ARE It. BE It.

Every time we ask for something and it shows up in our lives, we are creating magic, according to Dr. Heer.  Yet how often do we attempt to explain that magic away by attributing it to “coincidence,” “serendipity,” “fate,” “destiny,” “something that just happened,” “the right timing,” “luck,” or “it was meant to be?”

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The Energetic Synthesis of Communion, or ESC, invites you to a dynamic way of being with a connection to the earth, your life and your body. Dr. Dain Heer facilitates this adventure into energy that invites you to perceive and receive the energies of communion, the Universe, and this beautiful planet of ours. If you allow them to, these energies will stay with you for the coming weeks, months - and the rest of your life.

The ESC creates a spaceof being and a space of communion with everything around and with everyone around. Nobody needs to be seen as wrong anymore. Nobody needs to be separated from, and nobody needs to be judged. Including you, including your body and including anything else that has any physical and energetic structure. None of it has to be judged or separated from anymore.

Within the energy of ESC, there is an intimacy that goes beyond this reality. An intimacy that has a space beyond anything you can imagine with your cognitive mind. And in this space exists a freedom, an ease and a space of BEING that perhaps you have longed for and somewhere always known was possible.

Would you be willing to explore what communion is for you? What if you are a total gift to everyone around you, the planet and the universe? Just by receiving?