Diva Diaz

Diva Diaz

Diva Diaz

9 years ago my life changed in ways I never expected.

Up until that point I had been working in the corporate world, and I was extremely stressed and getting unhappier by the day. So in my spare time I tried every self-help system I could find that would hopefully give me a sense of peace. I stumbled across Access Consciousness one day and said sarcastically and hopelessly to the practitioner "will this system help me get $1million for my first startup company?" fully expecting her to say no, but she said "maybe, try it and see". So with nothing to lose, a big dream, and practically no money to my name, I used the techniques she gave me for 3 weeks. At the end of which I was offered $1million by 4 angel investors. 

Sound too good to be true? I'm totally with you, It shouldn't be that easy. Yet it was. And it very definitely occurred. Because the truth is, not only is change possible, it's easier than you think. 

Since that day 9 years ago everything in my life has changed. I now run my own business, I travel the world, and am developing more exciting projects than I can count on two hands. 

I would love to share with you the tools of Access Consciousness that have empowered me and changed my life. 

I hope to see you somewhere in the world, or online!
​Diva x


'Diva is indescribable and undefinable. The invitation and joy that she is has given me the ease of choosing a totally different reality and possibilities. And one that works for me. She has... and continues to...empower me to have all of me. And her patience is astounding! Love ya!!
Thank you Diva! Thank you Consciousness!!'  - Aditi Iyer. Chennai, India.


'I've judged myself a lot around the topic of creation and didn't really get how everyone seemed to have ease and fun with it. I never really knew how to have fun with creation and this (class) has given me a lot more clarity around that. I received and perceived a lot of information on how I am able to be in creation. 

I would like to acknowledge the sweet and gentle energy that Diva delivers when she facilitates, and don't get me wrong she's absolutely willing to be fierce if that's what's required to move stuff! If you have ever wondered how you fit in or what else was possible and you haven't been able to find it yet, you might want to check out if these classes have something for you!' - Soren Lassen. Copenhagen, Denmark


"I have to say that I absolutely adored your energy and the invitation that you be in creating a space for people to share whatever came up with absolute ease. Thank you again." - Anna Fisher. England, United Kingdom.

Eileen talks about the Access Bars Class!

“Wow, I have just attended Access Consciousness Bars and Foundation classes over the last 3 days with Diva Diaz. I've worked with many therapies but have not found anything that is as powerful, potent and brings such easy transformative changes. I've shifted so much rubbish, feel light, expanded and more in touch with All that I Am. Infinite possibilities now available. How can it get any better than that?” ~ A.S, England

Dejana talks about Access and the Bars!

""I had the extreme good fortune to attend 4 days with Diva Diaz and am grateful for every moment. Diva not only holds the space for us to let go of lifetimes of thoughts feelings and emotions that have been keeping us stuck, she IS the space that enables that to happen at warp speed. If you are within a thousand miles of one of her classes, get yourself booked in swiftly and receive the gift that is Diva Diaz, so you can be even more of the gift that you are too"" ~ Z.R., England

Ananda talks about Access!

Two months ago, I asked the universe for a break, a get-away from my vacation that was No true vacation by any sense of the word. Silly me, I received exactly that. On the last day of my vacation, I woke up with severe pain in my neck.

As the days went on, the pain worsened. I finally went to three doctors, had X-rays and finally an MRI done, only to find out that I had herniated three cervical vertebrae. The doctors put me on pain medicine and when the discomfort continued, I had an epidural injection, which was supposed to end my suffering. Literally, I was laying on my back for weeks on end knowing that I’d be there for many more weeks, waiting impatiently for my body to feel like itself again, I got to a point where I demanded a change. That's when I picked up the phone to call you.

I believe it was by the third question when I began to feel like myself again. We spoke for less than 30 minutes. You facilitated me back to a space I'd forgotten existed throughout that whole experience. You helped me become aware of what energy I was choosing to embody, reminding me of choice and questions and the gift that my body is, rather than the torture chamber I had decided it was.

Immediately, my body began to shift; the pain lessened immensely. Following our conversation, I had my bars run, As the hours went by, all the intensity continued decreasing and by the time I woke up the next day, it was as if the injury had never happened. I can't express in words the gratitude I have for you. What a gift you are to me and the those lucky enough to know you and be facilitated by you.

""HOORAY,"" as you say! How does it get any better than this?” S.L ~ Florida, USA

Dipti talks about her shoulder healing!

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What if creating the life you desire could be easier than you've imagined? Would like to find out?? Visit: www.divadiaz.com